Our cuisine

Assortment of cheeses
Ravioli with spinach cream
Bread, mushrooms and chocolate
Our breads and cocas
Egg and truffle
Low temperature egg with truffle
Tasting cheese

Green cream with lightly salted mackerel
Smoked corn cream
November tasting, wines, mushrooms and cheeses
Amanita and Boletus Edulis carpaccio
Veal cannelloni
Cod Vegetable
Various mushrooms
Hidden bread with yolk ice cream and madagascar vanilla
Cleaning truffles
King egg
Fake cuttlefish maki
Mushroom tasting

Beans cream with dried octopus and ground criadillas
Coquetes with mushrooms and sprouts
White chocolate
Truffle and wine tasting
Boletus Edulis
Pigeon rice and seasonal mushrooms